Ironic Space Lisp


In order to meet some particular requirements for a separate project, I began development on a new programming language based on Lisp and Erlang. Some of the requirements were that the entire environment be pausable and serializable, and contain deep hooks and callbacks to allow the host program to dynamically control fundamental aspects of evaluation. The interpreter is currently under development in Rust.

Elixir Dataflows

In support of a colleague’s data analysis, I built a live online data flow application in Elixir to ingest large quantities (100s of gigabytes) of social media data, process and filter the data, and load the data into a separate database for directy querying. We utilized an iterative, agile methodology to development the data processing and filtering techniques. I utilized Elixir for its easy parallelism and functional nature.

4x Game

An early 4x game.

4x is an unpolished strategy game reminiscent of Civilization and Creeper World. Built by Nick Care, Azrea Amis, Robert Tomcik, and Kirk Pearson, it was developed under a strict deadline between February 10th and March 16th of 2016.


An image from the hexdecks tutorial.
This is a deck-based turn-taking puzzle-combat game. Reminiscent of Hoplite, it puts the players in the shoes of a warrior making his way through an increasingly blighted landscape. From the idyllic forest of “Faerie Forest” to hellish “Subsea Volcano” to the ominous “Decrepit Crypt”, reach the level ending warpgate through the twin dangers of things trying to kill you and a brutal action economy. Click to move or click to attack, but neither you nor your opponents can do both at once, so make sure you aren’t in range of an enemy when you end your turn.

Planet 5

Planet 5 screenshot
Planet 5 is slow paced survival RTS. It is set on a hostile alien planet populated by murderous aliens trying to kill you. You must defend yourself for as long as possible. Spread your network across the alien planet with relays, generate and store energy with capacitors and solar farms, research and improve your buildings with the science lab, and defend the rest of your buildings with powerful laser turrets and mortars.