An image from the hexdecks tutorial.

This is a deck-based turn-taking puzzle-combat game. Reminiscent of Hoplite, it puts the players in the shoes of a warrior making his way through an increasingly blighted landscape. From the idyllic forest of “Faerie Forest” to hellish “Subsea Volcano” to the ominous “Decrepit Crypt”, reach the level ending warpgate through the twin dangers of things trying to kill you and a brutal action economy.

Click to move or click to attack, but neither you nor your opponents can do both at once, so make sure you aren’t in range of an enemy when you end your turn. Assisting you in combat is a deck of cards allowing you to do more than just move and attack. “Disengage” will let you attack and move back at the same time, offering a solution to the thorny “two enemies in a row” problem, while “Jump” lets you jump over obstacles and take another action before your enemies. Every time you play a card, you draw a card, keeping your hand full of potential.

Created by Dan Marsh, Nick Care, Azrea Amis, Robert Tomcik, and Dan Karcher.

Can you beat the game without taking damage? We couldn’t.

Download for Windows


Hexdecks’ main menu A level-ending warpgate The Subsea Volcano level The Decrepit Crypt level